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Exploring new lunch restaurant in Bomaderry?
Try our delicious menu!

Consider our delectable menu if you’re casting about for new lunch restaurants. We offer a range of delicious meals for every occasion, from light to big Aussie-style breakfasts to hearty business lunches. Whether vegetarian or carnivore, we know you’ll love our meals. Visit The Again & Again and experience a delightful meal in the perfect atmosphere.

Investigating cafés and restaurants for lunch?

Our modern restaurant offers all things Aussie to keep your belly full and a smile on your face. Here are some snippets about our restaurant:
We brew a delicious speciality coffee for caffeine lovers. Do you enjoy taking it easy at a café with a coffee and a small snack? If so, we have a special cuppa ready for you.
We gladly deliver if you’re in the mood to order in. We bring our delicious meals to your door, so you can enjoy the cheer our food provides amid your creature comforts. There’s no need to step outside for dinner if you want to enjoy it on your favourite couch instead.
Even when we’re closed, we can still receive orders online. Order ahead for a special occasion or ensure your favourite Aussie meal arrives after a tough day.


Some delightful take-away 

We offer a wide-ranging menu with many tasty options. Consider some of our delicious lunch picks:
Our sandwiches will keep even the most ravenous appetites satisfied. With a wide selection - from our Gangnam-style hot chicken to sangers for veggie lovers, you’ll kick back ready for a nap after one of our speciality sandwiches. Don’t worry about spilling some sauce; it’s part of the experience.

We have many popular options if you're a "keep it simple" person. Whether you love some surf with fish and chips, prefer some turf with a charcoal beef burger, or want something more colourful in the form of a Caesar salad, we’re sure you’ll love what we offer.
Why not try something inspired by other countries? Our Saigon on Board and NI-HAO Cantonese Congee demonstrate our passion for Asian-inspired, exotic meals. These dishes work perfectly for breakfast or lunch, so there’s no wrong time to order them.

Choose us when you enjoy restaurant.
Worth remembering to do Lunch

We work tirelessly to keep the atmosphere at our restaurant welcoming and memorable. You deserve to relax and take it easy while having a meal, and we can help you do so. Leave your work worries at the door, step in for something mouth-watering to treat your tastebuds, and get all the energy you need to tackle the rest of your day.

Book your table now or order some of our meals for delivery.

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