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Enjoy freshly-made cuisine from our brunch menu

We improved upon the classic brunch favourites by adding exotic spices, quality ingredients, and enhanced toppings. We invite you to relish our Asian-fusion dishes to suit even the fussiest palates at our brunch café.

What differentiates us from other cafés?

Restaurant expectations vary depending on the type of menu and the service quality offered. However, there are three fundamentals that we’ve mastered to differentiate us.
Friendly service
We understand that the opportunity to deliver a personalised service lies with our hosts. Our servers attend to you sincerely and positively and enjoy interacting with each customer. Performing under pressure with a genuine smile and speedy service is just one of the benefits you can look forward to when dining at our brunch Restaurant.
Consistent food quality
The food we serve is the foundation of our restaurant and ultimately influences how you perceive your experience. From our servers to our kitchen staff, we focus on quality control to ensure the best flavour and presentation in each dish. We want you to enjoy your dine-in or takeaway experience with us, so we focus on appearance and taste to ensure a delightful visit.
Memorable atmosphere
From our furniture to our décor and lighting choice, our brunch café aesthetic aligns with our modern cuisine fusion. Our design concept ensures that you feel comfortable while dining with us. Enjoy inviting lighting paired with upbeat and feel-good music for a unique dining experience. Enjoy a welcoming atmosphere from the minute you enter.


Let us take you on a culinary journey

If you’re the kind of person that always orders the same dish from the same restaurant, now is the perfect time to extend your comfort zone. Our comprehensive menu includes dishes inspired by Asian culture and traditional Aussie dishes to suit a variety of tastebuds. We have a bowl to suit your requirements, from meaty meals to vegan delights.
Maybe you do love to experiment with international cuisine. Get inspired with our menu. Ordering food you’ve never tried can expand your cooking skills when creating your version at home. Our kitchen staff are always open to new ideas and can tweak our recipes to accommodate your preferences.
Our passion for offering a variety of food types in one convenient location motivates us to expand our menu to cater to many requirements continuously. You might even find your new favourite meal right here in Bomaderry.

Treat yourself at our café.

Everyone deserves a timeout from their busy schedules occasionally. Treating yourself to a dine-in experience in one of the most reputable brunch cafés in Bomaderry can offer just that – a relaxing morning or afternoon spending quality time with family and friends while enjoying delicious food.

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